Source code for qutip.qip.qubits

__all__ = ['qubit_states']

from qutip.tensor import tensor
from numpy import sqrt
from qutip.states import basis

[docs]def qubit_states(N=1, states=[0]): """ Function to define initial state of the qubits. Parameters ---------- N : Integer Number of qubits in the register. states : List Initial state of each qubit. Returns ---------- qstates : Qobj List of qubits. """ state_list = [] for i in range(N): if N > len(states) and i >= len(states): state_list.append(0) else: state_list.append(states[i]) return tensor([alpha * basis(2, 1) + sqrt(1 - alpha**2) * basis(2, 0) for alpha in state_list])